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Sunday, July 12, 2009 ♥

Hello Readers !! :D
haizzzz.. the weekend past by so fast. booringg ~
tomorrow's school -.-

yesterday went to Kolej56:The Musical.
someone makan kat lau pa sat lamerr ehh. siape ehh?
hahaaa.. budak tu kene marah dgn me. =p
iskandar called where i am. padahal dier yg lambat.
abehh nk step bebual caring plak kat sini. hmppphh ! haha!
asked me to go lau pa sat. but mcm jauh gitu.
so meet bro,kassim & ema at DBS building dulu..
yadaaaaaaaaaa2 ~
waited for him. and ~
someone: ehh rockstar dah datang ah !
rockstar: * said hi & salam2 his friends. *
someone: ehh wheres that girl ?

HAHA. apparently , im like behind him cuz his friends were nt far away.
i turned around and looked at his friends.
Iskandar then turned around and somehow looked into my eyes for 3secs until i said Hi . HAHA.
took the tix from him then he went to the toilet ?
came back and he hanged around with his friends abit.
and i was like. okay fine. star karat pehh dehni ? xD
oh and i found out that iskandar's friends is kassim&ema's friends too.
haha. such a small world..
then went into the the auditorium and waited for the musical to start.
starting2 , the musical was exciting ahhh..
oh yahhh ! i was freezing inside there. actually, im sick that day -.-
anyways continueing, the musical was damn funny lahh.
seriouss ahhh. tk leh tahan ahh.. haha.

yadaaaaaaaaaaaaaa2 ~
dad msged kassim & asked him to take care of me . -.-
after the thing dah habes, met Iskandar for awhile.
talked abit & said bye. tk leh hang around lame sangat ah. cuz its like already going to 12am !! need to catch the last train ah.
rushed to the mrt and kassim kept saying " eh maner my adek sedare? "
haha. takmo take ur job seriously lahh.. hahaaaa..
i know im nt independent, but i know how to walk with u guys! pfft. haha.
reached the mrt. felt worse than b4. -.-
so not the right time to get sick eh ? haizzz..
oh ! oh! kassim's friend said that i look cute & like indonesian. ^-^
abehh kassim goes : " tgk lah saper abg sedare dier "
HAHA. tk perlu eh ambek credit.
yadaaaaaaaaa2 ~ called dad to fetch me,kassim&ema at bedok.
sent them back home.
and that point of time, i felt like a sick zombie. tk leh angsxx..
had no energy . i think i didnt eat from morning. -.-
tu lahh.. saper suroh tk makan eh. budak ni. haizzz~
hahaaa. eat abit but cannot swallow.

dad&mum jaga me that night. awwwwwwwwww ~
but but , im so sorry to trouble u guys. really i am. =(
anyways, woke up at 3am cuz my temperature went to 40degrees. O.O
that is what mum said.
then i had to bath in the cold morning water !! suffering much.
then after that my temperature went down abit.
took medicine and slept.
was suppose to go to ChangiGeneralHospital at 4am ! -.-
but i told mum to go later2 pasal penat.

before going back to sleep, i checked my phone.
Iskandar msged me at 2+am .
said that maybe we can go out together again someday?
and he also said i look sweet. HAHA.
tk perlu ah puji2 orang eh.
step je ehh budak ni. menyampah ahh. gue tk tergoda ah. puh-lease ah starkarat =p
hmmm.. but i dont think i'll be going out with mr.handsome anytime now.
need to concentrate for olevels !! hehee..
after olevels k rockstar? =p

anyways, then i woke up at 8am. i think ?
then temperature dah turon to 37.4 ! :D
improvement or what? hahaaa..
dad bought breakfast ! :)
i was feeling okayy until late afternoon. my temp went up!
haiyooooooooo.... then i took a cold bath again.
and now im fine. hope my temperature doesnt increase again.
i want to go to school tomorrow !!
first time lah nk gi skolah sangat2. xD

okayylahh.. i shall stop here.


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