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Friday, August 7, 2009 ♥

yoyoyo !!
i dont know why im so excited in the morning.
which is ermmm... 3.13am ! haha.

but the truth is, im very tired and lazy right now.
im just gonna get this done and over with. ( updating blog ) lol!
actually i forgot to add some major stuffs to the previous posts.

wednesday, bestie went to my house after school ! :D
it was damn fun lahh as usual !!!
laugh like hell 24/7 !
and guess what? mum said she can hear us laugh like crazy people from next door.
pfffttt ! must be hard to live with us if me&bestie were twins. xD
1 minute and there will be some screeching sounds of laughter. lol!
but seriously, i dont think i can live with bestie.
boleh pergi mental hospital sia. ketawa ketawa.. hahaaa.
oh yahh! bestie azura blanja me hello panda in exchange for something which i shall not tell it here lahh.. lol.. personal2.

we had to create our own games lah.
then john asked me,azura,naqi and arina to join their group.
so we agreed lah. so we played captain's ball but change it to frisbee.
my team was me,azura,john,robin and yong peng.
the other team consists of naqi,arina,chia chern,shawn woo and jefferson.
so uneven lahh ehh ! we lost to them 2-5 ! haha.
but it was really fun lahh!!! like the most fun pe lesson ever! xD
kept screaming and "urghing" !
so many funny incidents. and damn jeff was blocking frisbees all the way.
which prevents us from scoring obviously! lol!
ok i'll be saying this for the last time....

after pe was f&n. okay test. easy.
then Mother Tongue, watched Histeria !!
i watched already lah so was not scared because of the " boohs "
and like , it was the guys who screamed -.-
especially idris and taufiq!
pastu dua2 pelok bag plak tuu.. astaghfirullahalazim..
it was a funny scene..
then Cikgu Noh paused at the very very interesting part. eh naqi?! xD
but nevermind lah.

after school.
walked home with bestie. showed her my "route" home. hahaa.
and bestie accidentally splatted bandung on my uniform!! -.-
i dont know how it happened serious. it was too sudden. HAHA.
reached my house like a few centuries later. cuz our walking rate was slow. HAHA.
but it was fun lah. everytime fun lah eh with bestie.
i dont know how many time i used that word. xD

today, NDP celebration 2009. "WOOPIE"
k nevermind. tk perlu eh sarcasm.
the singing was okay. actually i almost cried thinking of my primary school days.
haizzz.. miss damai pri. eh azura,idris ? :D

after school , went to eat & hang out with bestie,amirah,naqi,arina,nana,hafsah,raikha and aliyah.
me&bestie went to bubbletea shop first then meet them back.
it was okayy lahh. listened to music and emo-ed.
did some fun talks then homed with bestie again!
bought maltesers!!!!!! :D

homed. accidentally dozed off.
woke up. bathed. went out. shopped. eat. chilled @ changi beach.

hehee. kk my post is getting so lengthy.
thanks for those who read until here eh. HAHA.

k i'll keep my bday wish personal. check ya phone. haha.

k byeee !

listened to the sweet sound @ 3:13 AM

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