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Tuesday, September 22, 2009 ♥

hello people!
just a quick update yeah?

^^ Me & Amirah , The birthday girl !

^^ Alif Abdullah with his Birthday Cake. taken by me hor :D

actually im still lazy to upload all the recent pictures cuz theres like. TONS.
so... if u guys wanna see. then pls go my to facebook k?
already updated 3 albums.
1) Amirah's 16th Birthday!
2) Alyph's 20th Birthday!
3) Raya 2009!

happy looking people ! :D
for those who do not have my facebook, do add me if u want.
search for " Nurul Amirah Wakiono "
HAHA. i think theres only 1 account of that name. for sure. xD

and did u guys enjoy ur raya?
mine was okay. talked to cuzzins as usual. and ate alot. haiyaa.
im abit tired. slept throughout maths lesson today cuz ms syarifah didnt come.

after school, walked back home. as usual bestie azura accompanied until some point. lol! to be specific , at the overhead bridge at the end of bedok town park. LOL.
got a msg from kak yanti cuzzin.she asked me out cuz she's bored. haha.
but later i got tuition lah sayang. hahaa. next time k?
we all go out together with the other cuzzins ^^

hmmm. anyways, continued walking home indirectly with rockstar.
the genius of technology :D
so anyways, time tu die tgh masak. HAHA. tolong mak nyer ye die? =p
k not my point. he asked me whether i'll be attending his event.
ermm. i think its called " Gegaran Singapura Lebaran " ?
its at Republic Poly TRCC Theatre. 11 October.
the advertisement was aired at ria 89.7fm. but the tix quite ex ah to me.
then the date.not far from olevels. WAH PIANG. haiyaaaaaa. mcm maner ni eh.
maybe i cant go ahh. confirm my dad tk kasi. sungguh menyedihkan! -.-

^^ credit goes to StillYoungz's Blog.
from left: Efenddy, Ewin, Ikhsan, Iskandar, Hardy(i think?) = STILL YOUNGZ
okaylah. update ya guys soon. gotta get ready for tuition

listened to the sweet sound @ 6:14 PM

♥ that rockstar

Suppppp'~ The name's NurulAmirah♪
Remember 11th February 1993 , Sweet Seventeen
And Im not your average girl, don't judge me.
Music is my lover♥
SHINee are my Romeos♥

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