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Saturday, October 10, 2009 ♥








*more pictures kat sufri nyer facebook album. HAHA :D

*wipes comp screen* eeeeeee. so dusty. CHEHH. mcm phm. -.-
ANYWAYS, friday was a short but great day!!
after recess, had this english workshop thing.
it was cool. one of the workshops that was actually quite relevant! :D
after school, head down to tamp kfc to meet aryna to study together!
have i told you that you're so smart? hahaaa!
after studying, me,azurabestie and aryna talked+laughed ALOT AH!
hahaaaa.. cakap situ habes situ ehhh?
its only between the 3 of us ehh? heheeeeee.
enjoyed myself yesterday. will meet u again after o's kay! *winkswinks* ;D

after that went to tamp inter to go back home.
then ade satu budak ni pops out from nowhere asking where's his gf.
like wth.
firstly, we werent hanging out with ur gf.
secondly, u dont have manners. kalau tgh marah tu maintain ah sikit ehh?
tak ckp hi. tk senyum. tk ckp bye. just walk off ?
irritating betul. and dont always jump to conclusions lah pls.
u dont need to be so sensitive can?
sikit2 jer marah. sikit2 jer merajok.
pls lahh. kalau nk kahwin dengan kawan aku, kau better sedar diri sikit ah. benci.

HAHAA. k after that, rushed home and siap mcm FLASH! xD
then went to AliffAziz's house to RAYAAAAA !! WOOOHH ! ~
dapat jumpe semua angels2 yg tersayang and of coz, the man himself!
hahaa.really enjoyed myself yesterday :D
and the food was awesome. i like i like =p
sent suriah&nadiah then kaliesa home since abg hadi drive. lol.

TODAY, woke up with a question.
" smalam nurul karaoke kat rumah aliff eh? " -________-
aku tgh syiok2 tido, kluar question tk perlu sehh.
yer memang saya karaoke ibu. sungguh sumbang. HAHAA.
ibu ni kpo lah. sumer nyer nak tau. questions after questions.
then after that, had breakfast then talk2 with mum and abg hadi.
then teros siap2 nak kluaaarrrr..
kluar kul 3+ then study kat mac tamp.
i sat kat luar. yg tkde aircon. but got angin !! syiok i tell you ^^
azura came at 5+. then we went SHOPPING !!! HAHAAA.
best best best! i bought a hair band,a dress and a cardigan! :D
total money spent, $54 . -__________-
hilang gitu saje. sedehhh. chehhh! but its okay. nice u know!
after shopping, went to mac again to study!
well not me lah. azuzu yg study. i ate McChicken and Applepie =p
then suddenly some old man knocked hard on the glass door.
and everybody was like staring at him.
then he walked like some drunken fool, finding his way to the toilet.
and i saw him looked at the sign which shows the lady's toilet.
and he WENT IN OMG! -_- selengerr bacen. dah namakan org drunk lah katakan.
then this auntie keje macdonald panic semacam then ask the guy to go guys toilet.
hahaaaa. the whole situation was like freaky plus funny at the same time. wahliao.
anyways, soon after, got this part. which involves a guy.
HANDSOME GILER DOKKK ! hahaaa. and azurabestie saw my face expression after i saw the guy. priceless kan azura?
hahaa. sorry lah. abeh mcm shocked gitu nampak that guy kan? ^^
then soon after, when i turned around, coincidentally he was like. looking at ME. HAHAA. fuuyyoo.. mcm fate gituu kan?
then bestie goes " cheh eye contact ahh " -____-
hahaaa! but mcm cool gitu. padahal dier dudok quite far tau.

k stop it lah nurul. takmo excited sangat. dah. gi blaja.
chehhh ! mcm phm. after this im gonna sleep luh. penat ahh.
besok nanti muke mcm zombie plak kan.
ishhh! dahsyat tuhhh !
oh yes, otw home tadi, msg2 dgn iskandar rockstar tuh.
then now he msn me. ahahahaa!
talked about his Gegaran show besok kat republic TRCC.
opening act sehhh still youngz..... WOOTS! :D
confirm gempak kan? chehh wahh..
klah. see you guys tomorrow!

yayyay. besok! besok! ^^


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