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Saturday, November 14, 2009 ♥

HAPPY 200th POST !! ^^
alaaah. tapi baru 200 je kan? tu pon nk happy happy. -.-

anyways! today's a saturday!
and surprisingly enough, IM NOT GOING OUT!
parents and aqilah went to see nenek at her house.
didnt follow them laa cuz i wanna rest today. tak kan hari2 nk kluar kan.
then abang ilham as usual saturday working.
abang hadi gonna go watch bola tonight.
kirim salam alam shah eh !! hahahaa..
no i dont like him. its just that i like it when he act gangster. LOL.
actually abang asked me if i want to join him with his friends.
i went to watch bola with all of them before.
super fun laa !! banyak comment abang2. funny shitz siaaa.
but maybe next time laaaa. =)

so today, i guess im just gonna slack at home.
oh yahh, dad subcribed mio tv. WTH? waste moneyyy !
okaylahh the comp modemn works faster now.
but its unnecessary laa. i'll probably just watch astro at mio? pffft!!
im better off watching the hundreds of channels at the main tv at the living room :D
BUT. we got a free Xbox 360.
i used to be a gamer during my younger days.
but now, i just dont feel it anymore unless the game is very nice to play lah.
games like Sims or adventure games. or fighting2 game. lol !
but i personally just like to online during my free time laaa.
dah tak touch game consoles anymore.
but for the xbox 360, maybe i'll just buy 1 game and try it out anyway. pffft.
i dont knw about abang ilham. he's a gamer. siaoww guy!
i heard he's gonna buy Left4Dead 2 soon. The game was just released yesterday?
i saw the preview at youtube. i guess its kinda fun lah.
shoot shoot zombies ! LOL. efenddy confirm gonna buy. confirm.

okayy i think i shall stop here.
gonna offline for awhile.then grab some lunch and watch tv.
then at night play comp again! yeahh. thats life. HAHA.

(i wonder who reads my blog anyway. haha!)

listened to the sweet sound @ 2:58 PM

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