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Saturday, November 14, 2009 ♥

here i am agaaain ! hehehee.
i love updating my blog late at night/early in the morning?
cuz its just so peaceful lah. no one to disturb you.
or in my case, no one is looking at what u're typing at ur blog!
hahaa. kpo family... especially my mum. opppss!
mum i love u no matter what kayy ???! MUACKS MUACKS HUG HUG ! :D

anyways, today went to Temasek Poly for CCN day with azurabestie.
and i dont freaking know what that stands for !! HAHAHAH!
but its basically the whole student body, setting up stalls and selling stuff lahh.
or setting up game stalls. yadaaa yadaaaa.
i think they're collecting money for charity thing. not sure.
anyway anyway, oh my god so packed lah the place! LOL.
but the kecoh-ness very exciting ah no doubt. hohohohoooo.
and not forgetting the.... ermmmmm... uhhh.. guys. HAHAA. ^^v
k so walked around abit. walk walk walk. hahaa. no direction.
then sms cuzzin ayuni that im in tp. HAHA.
shock keper girl? terus call aku ehh? HAHA.
padahal gambar atas terang2 i wear pink -___-
hahaaaaaaaa...... but i saw her too lah.
im at the first floor and she's at the.. 2nd/3rd floor? LOL.
sempat kau nk stalk aku. mentang2 aku tgh kat business sch.
kau kat applied science. sebelah2 je ehh?? lol.
k da daaa. takmo ckp pasal kau :D

moving on... went to tampines mall with azurabestie to find riffy's pressie and i bought some hair accessories too. :D
then walk2. saw abang ilham with his friend!
then abang ilham said that the rest(my family) at food culture.
soooooo.. since me&azura da otw balek, i parted with her in between TM&CS.
sorry bestie never hantar you till tamp inter.
WELL U KNW ITS DAMN FAR ANYWAY! hahaaaa. i got blisters ah. =p
no seriously, my feet hurts -_-

anyway anyway, went to food culture.
met my family. eat the handmade seafood noodle. sedapp =)
then then abang ilham and friends joined in. not literally.
as in another table luhhh.
then got one friend ni. his name is Jazdin.
muke mcm Enrique Iglesias!! HAHA!! serious.
but his features are softer lah. gotta admit his cute.
HAHAA. as in CUTE like david archuleta cute tau! =D
then u know what, at home, abang ilham told me that Jazdin said that i looked pretty.
WAAAAAAHHH! hahaaa. k stop it sia.
i know its like not appropriate to blog bout this. but but.. cannot ah.
must let go ahhh. :D

k anyways, after eat. went to this shop luhh.
bought this really2 pretty dress. cost me $29. but mum kindly pay half of it. yay!
the dress is like prom2 material abit. eh. alah dowan talk bout prom luh -.-
then HOMED.

u know what? im starting to feel the boredomness of holidays.
WTH its just the 2nd day of the hols. family asked me to find a job.
hmmmmmm.. should i? or should i just enjoy the holiday?
just now played PS2. so old school eh? HAHAHA.
damn bored uhhh. urghhhhh.
nevermind nevermind. sunday sunday sunday!!! HEHEHEHEEHEH!! :D

okayy goodnight people! ^^v


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