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Tuesday, December 8, 2009 ♥

today's a nice morning aye? hmmm.. kinda bright outside.
the white walls on the opposite block reflected the sunlight to my eyes. glaringly painful actually. hahahahaaaaa.

ANYWAY! on sunday, went to Vivocity.
but before that, accompanied parents to mum's friend's daughter's engagement. LOL.
okay so the place is like at jurong west. brother driving.
and the cool thing is, mum&dad dont know how to go there!! WAH PIANG ! -.-
then brother asked me to read the map since he's driving. OMGEE! long time never read the map. or street directory?
okay so i guess i struggled abit trying to find the page laa.
but when im on the page, its actually pretty easy to read it. HAHAH!
so i directed abang hadi to the block at jurong west.
yay all thanks to me laa kan.. ? HEHEH! ^^
yadaaaaaa yadaaaaaa. me and brother didnt went up ah. lazy.
waited at the car, talking about relationships and girls. as usual.
brother always brought the subject up.
since im a good sister, i gave him a listening ear and advise him laa.
and i once asked him why he always talk to me about this, and he said girls are good at talking about this stuff. -.-
like hello?! dont boys talk about this too? HAHAHA!
kay anyway, after everything, went to vivo.
wanted to buy my bag at Tangs but but. too expensive laaa. bought my bag somewhere else. ^^ i like my new bag btw. heee~
then head down to Banquet and saw FEE DARLINGGGG !!
both of us was like.. SHOCKED plus EXCITED! hahahaa. miss u la fee. ;D
anw, ate at Banquet then homed.
* that night, i was happy cuz someone said that he loves me too. * ^^
hint: saya sayang kawan baik saya. weeeeeeeee ~
k stop it with the kawan baik. azurabestie will confirm nag me about this. =p
well he is my good friend right bestie? blueeekkk !!

YESTERDAY, went to pasir ris to make new ezlink card cuz i lost mine few months ago.
way way way before olevels started. HAHAA. so long right ? i know.
after that, decided to go job hunting. HAHAH! like out of the blue idea.
firstly, went to the shops at Whitesands and only got applied at Wanko.
its a clothing shop ahh. the rest, no space already and mostly looking fr full time.
after that, from white sands, walked to downtown and ehub.
walked around ehub at first. then i heard.. " nurul....! "
then i turned around and saw Idris !! HAHAHAA.
omg miss him sehhh! hahaaa. and he really have strong aura. can sure make ppl smile.
lol! so me&idris had a short chat before parting ways cuz Idris was actually working at that point of time. i think he went to the toilet. haha.
so yeah, i continued my journey.
Next i went to TampinesMall,CenturySquare and TampinesOne.
so as expected, most shops dont have vacancy!
i went to almost all the shops. haha! tired siaowwwww ~
but but. i guess its alright cuz i applied at 2 shops which has vacancy which is at erm... Mitkun(a shoe shop) and G2000(clothing). both at TampinesOne!
i hope one of them call me soon. i especially want to work at G2000 la pls!~
got this one cute guy working there. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA !!
no laaa. i want to work there cuz its big la. G2000 u know! ~ hahaa.
consider myself lucky. haha.
after job hunting, head to bedok library. i love bedok library =p
borrowed 2 novels then head home!

today, going to catch Singapore Idol live at Mediacorp!! yay yay!! :D

listened to the sweet sound @ 11:09 AM

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