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Saturday, December 26, 2009 ♥

heyyoo heyyoo!
went out with family today. went to marina square.
then at around 6pm, azura bestie called whether i want to go esplanade. LOL!
and esplanade is like.. right infront of marina. HAHAH!
cool laahh.. sempat sehh kau nk ajak aku kluar ehh.
stakat nk tengok eherrm eherrm2! you and kak ira =p
haha. kay so at Esplanade Waterfront theres this hip hop gig laa.
oh my god so awesome laaaa!!
Moira & Freaky Z was the bomb!! ;D
Moira's music was so cool.. the lyrics of the songs were deep. o.o
and the lead singer sang it so " feelingly " . LOL!
and Freaky Z was great and he's a funny guy! hahahaa.
he really knows how to entertain people.
oh yeahh, Alyph suddenly appeared out of nowhere and sat around our area. LOL.
terperanjat oi. hahahaha! kan azura kan? xD
jyeahh so after their performance, i had to go home =(
i really wanted to stay cuz theres another set at 10pm.
Moira performing their 2nd set. but OH WELL!
then ermmmm... met Alyph for awhile. took pictures, then ciaooo!!
oh yahhh. but paiseyy lahh tadi!!
Alyph asked me how am i. then i was like " ah... ah... ah.. im ok?? "
HAHAH! stutter or whatsss?! paisey seh.
starstruck -.-
cehh no laaaaaa. i also dont know why i was like that. daa lama tak talk gaknyerr.
yeahh so part ways with azura and kak ira soon after that. =(

tomorrow.. singapore diol finale!! yeeehaaaa !!

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