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Friday, December 11, 2009 ♥

these few days... i had a hard time going to sleep! really really!
and my feelings. felt super down today. i've never felt like this before.
today,i wasnt really in the mood to help mum cook. i did it unsincerely. sigh.
mum noticed i was kinda different today and asked why. but i just kept quiet.
BUT. as a mum, she knew everything. everything thats going inside my head.
she said something like:
" ni laa jadinye kalau orang tengah rindu seseorang yg die cinta.. " HAHAH!
my mum is just super awesome laa. she understands me well. hee. i love her. ^^
anyway, she asked me to msg him and all that stuff.
i wonder why i didnt msg him. didnt want to disturb him i guess?
but since im already like.. orang tak betol, decided to msg him laaa.
at first, he didnt reply me. boo.
i really miss him at that point of time, and baru jek nk call him tau.
then he replied! :D
heart beating so fast lorrr.. hahahahahahahaaa.
kay i think i shouldnt elaborate any longer laa.
just wanna say that im very happy right now! :D
anyways, today didnt do much.
just continued reading my malay novel. a few more pages and im done!
i totally love the storyline so far.
and of course, a big part of the story is about love.
true love between a husband and wife. how i wish i could have that in the future =)
it will be a pure blessing. heee.

okayy. shall stop blogging now.
and i can't wait for NEXT WEEK! ^^

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