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Wednesday, January 27, 2010 ♥

Diploma in Technology and Arts Management

About the Programme
This diploma has been crafted to provide students with exciting career opportunities in the creative industries initiated by the Renaissance City Reports (Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts). Through a balance of local, regional and international perspectives, the academic rigours of the diploma programme train students to be key personnel with multi-disciplinary talents in the management, design and technical domains.

Programme Objectives
The programme produces graduates who are industry-ready, resourceful, versatile and culturally sensitive. Through exposure to performing, visual and inter-disciplinary aesthetics, students are equipped with professional knowledge as well as industry attachment, training and experience in the following areas:
-Arts administration, management and marketing
-Arts facilities management
-Scenic and costume designers
-Technical theatre
-Stage and production management

Career Prospects
Our graduates will be ready for career opportunities as:
-Designers: Scenic, Costume
-Stage Managers and Technical Crew
-Audio and Lighting Crew
-Specialists for Stage and Screen
-Arts Managers, Arts Administrators and Arts Marketers
-Production Assistants and Managers
-Front-of-House Staff
-Arts Facilities Management Staff

Further Studies
Graduates may choose to further their education as the diploma programme meets the requirements for advanced standing in local and overseas institutions of higher learning. Some institutions that DTA graduates are enrolled in include National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, National Institute of Education, Singapore Institute of Management, LaSalle College of the Arts, and Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

There you go people, MY FUTURE.
well, i can't say anything much about RP. i know this will happen anyway.
where can i go with 22 points right? seriously. LOL. xD
BUT. truthfully, i love the course that i got into! hahaa.
its a media course!! MEDIA.MEDIA.MEDIA! :D
die die media right Nurul? so this is the path that God has chosen for you.
so you must be thankful. yup i am :)
i can't possibly go media courses in other polys.
so i guess RP is alright? hmmmmmmmmmmm...

anyways, Congratz to the people that have gotten the courses that they wanted! ;)

listened to the sweet sound @ 7:59 AM

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Remember 11th February 1993 , Sweet Seventeen
And Im not your average girl, don't judge me.
Music is my lover♥
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