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Thursday, January 7, 2010 ♥

and i cant believe taemin is my age. bt he does look young though.
and very cute. hahahahaaa.
but minho will always be my first! hehehe!!

aaaahhh... finally i can update again! heheh! :D
it has been a tiring week so far. lol!
i dont remember what i was doing on mon and tue bt on wednesday,
went to the gym with azura bestie!!!
worked out for about 2hrs. BEST! ;D
then from tampines inter, walked back home man!!!
after 2 hrs of work out, walk from tamp to bedok for another 1hrs+ !
hahaha! crazzyyy or whattt.. ? lol!
and yeahh, we took a long time to walk back home. hahaaa.
and i had to walk an extra mile cuz azura's house is nearer from tamp -.- boo you!
hahaaa. k anyways, balek rumah jerrr, family tengah tgk KBS world.
i went to the fridge to get a drink. then....

me: *drinking*
mum: eh matair nurul ade kat cerite ni tau!
me: * tersedak and somehow air masok hidong!!!! *
me: * after recovering myself,* MINHO EHH?!!!!!!
mum: hahaa. sape lagi...
me: ape citer ni? dream team ehh?
abang hadi: a'ah. minho kan sports person. that time die kalahkan sumer org.
me: die daa lari ?!
abang: belom.
me: yessaaarrr !!! * quickly sits down infront of the tv *

HAHAHAH! so yeahh thats the story. xD
haizzzzz... gila bayang or what.
and i kept saying " eh cute eh die? " " eh cute nyer die.. " LOL!!
then suddenly dad asked about someone.
not needed seh. terus spoil mood. -.-
dad, i got over him already eh pls! stop asking me about him and saying that he's a good person and all! dulu kata lain, skarang orang da lepaskan, kata lain plak!


k anyway!!! hahahaaaa. ignore what i just said before.
so yesterday, me and azura went to singapore poly & ngee ann poly open house.
didnt get to meet up with amirah yesterday. =(
naqiyah also cant come yesterday. =(
double boo eh? hahah. bt both of them will stay in my heart always ;D
cehh. awwwww. hahahahaaa.
so anyway, SP is quite hyped la actually. not bad not bad.
saw some cuzzins,familiar faces and also eye candy. :D
so walked around the school and all.got free coke. nice. hahaha!

then head on to ngee ann poly.
the first thing we saw was paul twohill's performance with his friend. lol!
" cuz im mr brightside... " hahahaaa. nice nice.
walked around the schooooool.
went into this place to find Arts Business Management booth.
asked the person some stuff. and erm. i might be considering this course as one of my top choices. hmmmmmmm..
after that, gt this particular cute malay guy eye contacted fr quite awhile. hee!
kan azura kan ?!! first malay guy of the day! like finally. lain sume normal2 la.
and yesterday, i find that chinese guys are not bad as well. hahaahaaa!!!
i used to find them not attractive AT ALL. xD
hahaaaaa. got this chinese guy. look abit like korean2. xD
i mean the chinese is not like chinese laaa. lol! nvm2.
so continueing our journey, walked around the school and all.
oh yahh, after seeing SP and NP , i now find TP VERY small. -.-
like seriously. hahahahaaaaaaaa!!
anyway, was actually to meet amirah at ngee ann poly.
she came earlier and was with hafsah.
but me and azura left early cuz we were tired and all. so yeahh.
took a looooooooooooong bus ride home. scary sia. thought we were lost fr a moment.
hahaa. homed soon.

today, going to NYP!
meeting azura at 4pm!
time check : 2.09pm !
gotta get ready now! take care people! :D
will update again soon!

listened to the sweet sound @ 2:09 PM

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