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Sunday, January 10, 2010 ♥

woke up early in the morning to go johor to visit nenek.
she just came back from umrah. yeaahhhhh.
had breakfast there and all before going to mak su's house.
pretty bored at first until cuzzins came.
but then after awhile, me,abang,cuzzin ayuni and kak farahana go sleep!
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!! its just the environment la. very boring lorrr! i swear!
but at least gt ayuni cuzzin to entertain my crap. eh cuzzin? gorilla ah kau! =p
went to Giant after like around 4pm+.
homed at 9pm+ eh? haha.
anyways, tomorrow Olevel results!!! o.O
im damn nervouss right now. arghhhhhhhhhh!!
gonna get ready packets of tissue tomorrow. =(
okay. good luck to all taking the results tomorrow!
im gonna leave u guys with a conver with me & sean lim zi khai!
irritating guyyyyy! -_-
bt kind of funny laa. haha. go read! enjoy! =]

SeanLimZiKhai ! says:
good luck and relax ~
nurulamirah says:
relax??!! walaaaooo!! hahaaa. bt anyway, thanks. you too!! u sure do well one laaa.. =}
SeanLimZiKhai ! says:
i think i get above 15 points can -.-
nurulamirah says:
u sure ? no laaa. ur face actually quite smart. hahahaa!! xD
SeanLimZiKhai ! says:
face i know uh
nurulamirah says:
if u get below 15 points i smack u ahh! hahaa.
SeanLimZiKhai ! says:
the brain different
no uh wont get one
that's why i earn money by letting people see my face
nurulamirah says:
haha! earn money? what u talking sia? model or what..
bullshit sia u..
SeanLimZiKhai ! says:
face model
see handsome right
nurulamirah says:
hahah! can ahhh. after the braces are gone.
lol!! xD
SeanLimZiKhai ! says:
!@#$%^& i taking out this wednesday man
damn it .
nurulamirah says:
HAHAAHAHHA!!! so sad! cannot show off ur teeth liaooo. xD
bt its okay. im sure we will have another class outing..
so dont worry sean! just dont die.
SeanLimZiKhai ! says:
there will always be television when they interview most handsome people in asia
nurulamirah says:
-_____________- dang ~
SeanLimZiKhai ! says:
nurulamirah says:
funny ah? presiden handsome meh?
SeanLimZiKhai ! says:
president ?
whats the link uh ?
nurulamirah says:
president gt interview when national day. lol
forget it manzzxx..
SeanLimZiKhai ! says:
i no need to be him .
handsome people always on television
most of the time , no need wait till national day
nurulamirah says:
wahhh! ur joke so funny .. i can laugh till 2pm tmr!
SeanLimZiKhai ! says:
nurulamirah says:
hmmmmmmmmz. but okayla. i give u face. actually u're OKAY for a chinese. wah racist.
SeanLimZiKhai ! says:
what okay
nonsense uh u
nurulamirah says:
then what? u want me to say handsome ah?!
SeanLimZiKhai ! says:
what want you to say ?
is natural reaction
nurulamirah says:
wth!! -_-
im just gonna say nth to that.
SeanLimZiKhai ! says:
you're amazed by my beauty
nurulamirah says:
talking to u makes me damn crazy. beauty ur braces la sean lim !
hahahaahhahahah ~
SeanLimZiKhai ! says:
with braces alrd have beauty , take off alrd i think you kidnap me home
nurulamirah says:
what for i want to kidnap u home siaa. no benefit fr me! waste energy only.
SeanLimZiKhai ! says:
and also attract other thiefs
and kidnappers
also attract superstar contracts
nurulamirah says:
-____- dowan talk to you anymore.
hahaaaaa. crazyyyyy ~
SeanLimZiKhai ! says:

listened to the sweet sound @ 11:58 PM

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