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Thursday, April 8, 2010 ♥

these past moments of my life has been a great one filled with all memories of you and SHINee. a day hasnt pass without me thinking of you.
everything i did, it will always lead to you my dear.
i've had no one as special as you before in my life.
thanks for all the happiness and love that you've poured on me!
though we've only met personally once, i will always remember the cute puppy smile you gave me at Lot 1 Garden Rooftop! =3
you don't have an idea on how happy i was that time,sweety jjong!
thank you for the nicely autographed album too! :)
and the second time i saw you, you were really really REALLY far away.
but still, i could sense your features clearly from the distance.

believe me, i could go on and on and on with this post.
but i didnt want to cuz it will be too mushy and my readers will be sick!
but really, i deeply love you Kim Jonghyun! :)
i feel like crying writing this post... i can't continue..
i'll leave some videos of you to end the post.
Jonghyun Oppa Saranghaeyo! SHINee Hwaiting! :')

so now,i'll better go offline and sleep cuz tomorrow, or should i say, a few more hours later, i'll be having my STA(School of Technology for the Arts) Pre Orientation Camp!!
I hope i'll make new good friends there!
especially from my course, Technology and Arts Management! WOOOTS!
im so excited for this! hahaaa. but partly im nervous to meet new people. xD
but i hope the camp will be fun! gonna rock the republic!! :D

stay tune for my next update! hehehehehe! ;)

listened to the sweet sound @ 11:55 PM

♥ that rockstar

Suppppp'~ The name's NurulAmirah♪
Remember 11th February 1993 , Sweet Seventeen
And Im not your average girl, don't judge me.
Music is my lover♥
SHINee are my Romeos♥

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